2016 Fall Season Changes


In November, Cal South and US Soccer have implemented many changes for the fall 2016 season. This doesn’t affect the spring season age brackets but competitive teams will be transitioning toward the new requirements. Club teams will be using the next few months to identify players in each age group. LMSA is a member of Cal South and will implement these changes with some modifications that still need to be worked out with the younger age groups. 

Under an age group is based on that a player must be less that the age as of December 31st of that year. For example, U12 states that the player is 11 years old for the complete calendar year of 2016 as opposed to 12U that softball uses which includes 12 year olds.  Basic age group break down by birth year for 2016:

• 1998-2000 – 2-45 minute halves full size fields (recreational under 19)
• 2001-2002 – 2-40 minute halves full size fields (recreational under 16)
• 2003-2004 – 2-35 minute halves full size fields (recreational under 14)
• 2005 -2006 – 2-30 minute halves 90×60 max fields 9v9, 2005 comp teams 11v11 (recreational under 12)
• 2007-2008 – 4-12 minute quarters minute games 70×50 max fields 7v7 (recreational under 10)
• 2009-2010 – 4-12 minute quarters 7v7 60×40 or other variation TBD (recreational under 8)
• 2011 & 2012 – 4-10 minute quarters alternate not to exceed 6v6 40×25. TBD (Recreational Under 5/6)