Coaches Information

Division                 Total Fees       Each Coach’s Portion      
U6                             $36.00 per pair       $18.00
U8 (1 Ref)                   $26.00                   $13.00
U8 (3 Ref)                   $56.00                   $28.00
U10 (Rec)                   $66.00                   $33.00
U10 (Sig)                    $70.00                   $35.00
U11 (Sig)                    $84.00                   $42.00
U12 (Rec)                   $78.00                   $39.00
U13 (Sig)                    $98.00                   $49.00
U14 (Rec)                   $98.00                   $49.00

U16 (Rec)                   $112.00                  $56.00

U19 (Rec)                   $126.00                 $63.00

Resources For Coaches

Download La Mirada’s new Coaching Packet [coming soon!]

Download LMSA Game CardsPlease print on card stock.

If you’re interested in coaching an LMFC team, download the LMFC Signature/Club Coach Application.


Coaching License Information
Cal South Coaching Class Schedule


Positive Coaching Alliance Online Course Information
All coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents must complete the PCA online course, or have attended the July 20th meeting.  To register and complete the course do the following:

To Sign Up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on <Register with voucher code> and enter voucher code “LaMiradaSoccerK
  3. Complete the registration process.
  4. Click on the “Second-Goal Parent: Developing winners in Life through Sports” to start the online course.